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Japanese fans say Godzilla is too fat

A 1-metre tall statue of Godzilla is displayed at a Godzilla art exhibition in Tokyo on May 2, 2014. Japanese fans of Godzilla say the newly-unveiled monster, set to star in a Hollywood reboot of the post-war classic, is too fat and has been "super-sized" by a country used to large portions. The latest version of the giant amphibian will hit 3D screens in the United States on May 16 and in Japan two months later as the fire-breathing Japanese lizard marks its 60th anniversary this year. AFP PHOTO / Yoshikazu TSUNO        (Photo credit should read YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

Japanese devotees of Godzilla say the recently uncovered beast, set to star in a Hollywood reboot of the post-war great, is excessively fat and has been “super-sized” by a nation used to huge segments. The most recent rendition of the

PM Modi Trolled On Twitter For Comparing Kerala With Somalia


PM Narendra Modi, who was utilized as the BJP’s star campaigner in Kerala, was being trolled on Twitter today to compare the beach front state to Somalia in a late race discourse. Among the top twitter drifts toward the beginning

Chinese live-streamers banned from ‘seductively eating bananas’ on camera


Chinese live-gushing video sites reported female supporters are being banned from “enchantingly eating bananas” as a component of a crackdown on erotic entertainment. Directions passed on as a component of a Ministry of Culture examination concerning “wrong and sexual” online