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World’s longest cigar set to be rolled in Cuba – and it’s enormous


Master Cuban stogie roller Jose Castelar Cairo, known as ‘Cueto’, is endeavoring to break his own reality record set in 2011. His new record endeavor will need to beat the stogie he moved five years back which measured a great

Couple lives the dream, marries in front of 700 cats at California sanctuary


More than 700 passionless visitors went to a Canadian couple’s wedding this week. However, their non-plussed mentalities and infrequent butt-licking didn’t demolish the event. It made it. Louise Veronneau and Dominic Husson were marry at the Cat House on the

Chinese newlyweds spend wedding night copying out Communist constitution


A Chinese couple spent their wedding night replicating the Communist Party constitution, reports said, as a national battle by Beijing to advance communist qualities assembles pace. Pictures rose online of the couple composing part of the archive on a work

70 year old -Something Woman Gives Birth


Doubtlessly that Daljinder Kaur is one of the most seasoned mothers on record, however exactly how old she is has yet to be resolved. Kaur of Amritsar City, India, brought forth her first youngster a month ago with the assistance

Naruto, the macaque monkey files appeal to claim selfie


The creature right association People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has allegedly documented a bid against a lower court’s choice in January this year that declined to give a macaque monkey the privilege to his well known selfie

Indonesian villagers mistake sex doll for fallen angel!


An inflatable sex doll turned up on a shoreline in a remote town in Banggai, Sulawesi, Indonesia, whose occupants asserted it to be a celestial holy messenger from paradise. Villagers trusted it to be a blessed messenger tumbled from paradise,